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Snow comes to New Mexico pinon country

Availability Update - Get Pinon Now!

Pinon nut gathering is under way.  Pinon appears to be of good quality and supplies should last for at least the next couple of months.  We have the newest pinon now.

Fresh Pinon

New Mexico Pinon is Simply the Best

 We currently DO NOT have pinon available that meets our exacting standards for quality.

Please Check Back For Availability

Reports from the field are that pinon is scarce this year.


Give A Taste of New Mexico

New Mexico pinon cone in winterDelicious and authentic, our lightly roasted and salted pinon nuts are the perfect gift for anyone who has ever experienced or dreamed of experiencing New Mexico. This all natural, traditional Native American and Spanish treat is a timeless tradition here in the Land of Enchantment (Tierra de Encantado) where pine nuts are abundant.  Capture the spirit of New Mexico with the flavor of our smooth and buttery pinon in the shell.

Fresh and Tasty Pinon Nuts - Guaranteed!

Order New Mexico Pine Nuts with our secure shopping cart -  Shipments are sent via Priority Mail.

Please call Cash Cow toll free at (877) 611-2274 to order by phone (Open 9am to 6pm Mon. - Sat. Mountain Std. Time) or Order 24 hrs. a day on line. For special orders, or for alternate shipping options, Please Call.

New Mexico Pinon Nuts

Authentic Flavor For Discriminating Tastes

New Mexico Pinon Nuts pouring out of the bowlThese are the pine nuts that everyone desires but are difficult to find because New Mexican Pinon (Piņon) are not farmed and the indiginous trees produce this famous variety in large quantities only every seven years.

Our pinon nuts are only harvested from the mountain forests of New Mexico where the pinon trees grow in abundance.  Other common names and mispellings of the New Mexico variety include pinyon, pinonnes and pinion.

Lightly Roasted with Only a Hint of Salt

Our pinon nuts are washed, sanitized, and sorted to remove debris and hollow shells. They are then slowly and evenly roasted, cleaned again and very lightly salted for that unique New Mexico pinon flavor (see below for information about additional roasting to your individual taste preferences).

We search for the best quality pine nuts available in the state of New Mexico.  If you know New Mexico pinon, you will love our product.

Important Distinctions About Pinon Nuts

Our pinon nuts are special because we only offer the hard-to-find New Mexico variety.  Pinon from other countries and other southwestern states just don't measure up to the flavor and quality of nuts that are harvested in the Land of Enchantment. 

Pinon from other Southwest states may be larger, but they also have more pine flavor rather than the buttery taste of New Mexico pinon.  If you are using pine nuts for cooking, we recommend buying less expensive imported, shelled varieties.

Our Promise To Our Valued Customers

New Mexico Pinon Nuts up closeCash Cow is proud to offer the finest pine nuts in the world. - sought by people who have experienced the unique taste of the New Mexico variety.

 As with all of the products our online retail sites where we provide unique, quality products, NewMexicoPinonNut.com only offers authentic New Mexico Pinon Nuts backed by excellent customer service and a money back guarantee. 

Two-needle Pinon (Pinus edulis)

The Two-needle Pinon  (Pinus edulis) is a pine in the pinon pine group, native to the United States. Although it ranges includes southern Colorado, eastern and central Utah, northern Arizona, the unhbridized tree that produces the most sought after pinon nut  is primariliy found New Mexico. It occurs at moderate altitudes from 1600-2400 m, rarely as low as 1400 m and as high as 3000 m. It is widespread and often abundant in this region, forming extensive open woodlands, usually mixed with junipers.

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